Hi !

I’m Samuel Bernou, a french CG artist and digital images enthusiast.

box bird◎ The box Bird, my online avatar and first creature I've modeled/rigged/animated

I’m all for freedom and open-source ! And I also like to share things that ease my digital life. Hence this blog, that mostly talk about software, keyboard, code and 3D.

Note : In this blog you will probably found very few content in english for now. But I’ll try to translate the new posts when I got some spare time.

Professionally, I work as developer/TD/supervisor in animation studio on various feature film, TV shows and shorts fabricated with Blender.

On my free time I try to make a comics and create free tools for Blender.

I like : Animation, sci-fy, drawing, video games, python (the code, not the animal) and Japanese culture (and food).

On the Web

Twitter : Here I post almost only 3D news and alert when I’m releasing new scripts.

Github : My codes, essentially a big pack of free blender add-on I’ve made along the years

Website : Not updated at all, my first personnal website

Vimeo : My animation shorts.

YouTube : Homemade Blender tutorials, Demos of my add-ons and a bit of anything.

ArtStation : A very sparse selection of graphic works.

Behance : A portfolio showing mostly my graphic design era, before I leaned more and more into 3D.