Everything - Search anything all at once

Everything is a simple yet extremely fast and versatile search system. So powerful that it has literally changed the way I explore my files. The only downside: it’s Windows only. Installation Download Everything from the official site: https://www.voidtools.com/ For the TL;DR people here, just know that it’s fast, lightweight and reliable, then jump to Examples of searches down below.

VScode extended

As I did in the past for Atom, here is a post on extensions for VScode. More extensions for more powers I’ll try to list my installed extensions by reverse order of personal use. Note for Codium users Some extensions of marketplace.visualstudio are not available in analog Codium store (open-vsx.

Good font good dev

Default Fonts included in text editors aren’t bad. But some have been really conceived with dev in mind. 3 fonts to soothe your developper eyes Here are the three monospaced font I have been recommanded. Fira Code (release page) Jet Brain Mono (release page)

The right Zip

I was surprise to still see .RAR files on computer of colleague or friends… A short post is needed. The Rar should become what it’s name suggest The proprietary software Win-Rar is an old artifact of the past, and it’s ghost simply delay it’s atomisation by the modern replacement of the free softwares.

MPV, elite video player

If MPV is a modern and fast video player, it’s not really accessible at first. That’s why here I want to share my tips on how to approach de the beast. MPV MPV is a fast, hardware accelerated video player, just check the scrub speed to be convinced.