Convert videos with FFmpeg

There is a lot to say on this extremely versatile program. Here I’ll try to cover some basic but super usefull cases as introduction. FFmpeg free, open-source, cross-platform and super-powerfull Installation If you’re on linux, a quick sudo apt install ffmpeg might suffice.

Phoenix Blog

Here is a meta post about the blog itself. It’s here to announce that after ~2 years of shutdown, the blog has reborn from its ashes. And it is now more powerful than it has ever been ! Bilingual Frenglish The new thing is that it’s now also bilingual.

Nomacs, change your image viewer

It is notorious that all default video players are bad, and almost everyone use alternatives like VLC, media player classic, etc. But usually we don’t think about changing the default image viewer, and we’re wrong. Since they are as bad as their video counterparts.

Modding - how my keyboard became programmable

I finally buyed a mechanical keyboard ! The CM storm quick fire XT - cherry MX brown, qwerty US. Cherry MX brown switch, classic and efficient I chose this model carefully. It’s one of those who have a detachable controller chip (on most models it’s soldered on the PCB).