Phoenix Blog

Here is a meta post about the blog itself. It’s here to announce that after ~2 years of shutdown, the blog has reborn from its ashes. And it is now more powerful than it has ever been !

Bilingual Frenglish

The new thing is that it’s now also bilingual. Previously only in french, I plan to translate only few of the old post (if you switch to Fr you’ll see all previous one). But I’ll try my best add translation for future posts.


Previously I used Wordpress on a dedicated server, but I didn’t like much this solution for my use case.

Now I use HUGO ! A SSG (Static site generators). I hesitated between Jekyll, Nikola, Gatsby and a bunch of others. But this one, written in Go, seemed both nice and fast.
Another thing that seduced me was the nice gallery of available themes.

Here I use the memE theme, almost as is. I liked the minimalism while remaining practical.


The other big change (and why I’ve been looking for SSGs) is that the website is now hosted directly on Gitlab via Gitpage(github has exactly the same thing).

I just pay for the domain (I even use a subdomain). And when I push new articles, Gitlab generate the static website and deploy.

You don’t even need a domain, the page would then have an address like this : (blog being the gitlab project’s name)


So in the case of HUGO, posts are written in Markdown. I really like this simple markup syntax.

Big plus, I could easily convert my old wordpress posts. I was afraid of having to replace and relink all images ! Turns out there are wonderful peoples out ther, someone has created a nodeJs script : wordpress export to markdown. I used it to convert all my old posts to a tree structure that fit well for static website.

HUGO revealed easy to comprehend, with a nice documentation and logic commands.

Apparently it’s also possible to add comments system, but since this wasn’t much used in my previous blog I will keep thing simple for now. So if you need more information about a post contact me directly ^^.

Wish you a nice reading.