The right Zip

I was surprise to still see .RAR files on computer of colleague or friends… A short post is needed.

The Rar should become what it’s name suggest

The proprietary software Win-Rar is an old artifact of the past, and it’s ghost simply delay it’s atomisation by the modern replacement of the free softwares.

Today there are software that are fast, performant, and most of all, free(mind) and/or open source

So, if you still have this abomination on your computer. immediately uninstall, then proceed to way better alternatives below


On Windows, use 7-zip (.7z or classic .zip) donwload page.

One Mac native tool does the job, otherwise keka seem to be great.

On Linux it appear PeaZip is trending (bonus: it’s cross-platform)

Just to corroborate, here is what the documentation of MPV think of it.

Stop Waiting ! Zip bell, Zip better !